Be Careful What You Ask For!

Last Christmas my wife, Joan asked for a "Three legged dog." I ignored her! When I asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she repeated her request for a "Three legged dog"... "you know, a dog with special needs. A dog that needs a loving home, perhaps an old dog or one that is not what most people would want." I ignored her! I bought her a blender or a fly swatter, I don't even remember. She looked under the tree and was disappointed that she didn't get her "Three legged dog."

In the middle of January, a neighbor called one evening and told me that she had seen a dog with special needs advertised and would I tell Joan... Well, I did. I tried to ignore it, but it seemed there were higher powers at work here, so I told Joan about the call when she came home. When I came home the next day, we had a new dog. She was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is deaf as a stone, has few teeth, and her right eye is scratched... I wanted to call her "Lucky", but after a few hours we could see she was a "Princess!" So, Princess has come to live with us. She is very loving, active, and a wonderful addition to our family.

She loves to go for rides in the car or for walks. She gets extremely excited when anyone holds her leash. She dances, spins, prances and jumps up and down... Not at all like our Cocker Spaniel BOO who is old, fat and slow. If I get his leash out he hides under the table. He is getting a little better though, I think Princess is a good example for him.

One day about two weeks after we got Princess, I was going to the store for a few things and Princess begged to go. I decided to let her ride with me. We were walking out to the car and she was doing her jumping, dancing, spinning thing when I accidentally kicked her or stepped on her leg. I don't know what exactly happened, but she gave a little yelp and held her left rear leg up... I helped her into the car and we went on to the store. Now BOO gets under foot sometimes and he will hold his foot up till he forgets (pity?) but Princess did not put it down all that day. The next day was Sunday and she carried it all day. We pushed and prodded, but she would not cry, just would not walk on it. By Monday, we had decided she had to go to the vet. Try getting in to see a vet on Monday! Late in the day, Joan finally convinced the vet to look at her. They X-rayed her, and guess what? She had a broken foot! The vet put a splint on and for 4 weeks, we had a "Three Legged Dog!"

She is fine now, a little less jumpy around my big feet, but is back to running and playing as if nothing happened. She never did complain, she is truly a PRINCESS!

Due to ruptured disc in her back and progressive paralysis, Princess was put to sleep on December 15, 2001.

We only had her a short while, but I have never seen a more loving and gentle dog.

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